Thursday, May 5, 2011

The last 2 years

Wow where to begin.... I love to read other peoples blogs but never blog on my own. Mostly because since we got a mac it is just so much harder to figure things out and for anyone that knows me lets face it these last few years have been crazy. where to start....

In the fall of 2010 Austin and I moved to Ogden UT so that Austin could attend Weber State University for the Dental Hygiene program. We did a semester there and decided that it really wasn't the place for us so we moved home just after christmas. Austin went to work on the oil rigs and I went back to Dr Olsens to start massaging again.

We are living with Austin's mom and dad right now and we actually really love it. They are such great parents and we are having a blast here. (I hope they feel the same way) lol

In the fall we plan to either buy or build here in Cardston. I know I know I always said that I would never live in Cardston. Well here we are lol. Oh well.

Austin is going to continue a career in the oil field. So with him being gone all the time I don't want to live somewhere where I don't know anyone and have no family around to help me out. I will continue to work at Dr Olsen's office as I love my clients and my job.

Well that is pretty much our life in a nutshell over the last two years give or take a few events. But I am happy to say that If I can get this all figured out I will be a regular blogger. YAY! Here are a few pics over the last little while. P.S I realize that all these pics are a little backwards. I hate that it does that why can't it just add them one after the other instead of infront of each other. is there a way to change that. oh well. ENJOY!

Austin hard at work

christmas eve hay ride

Childrens museum in Ogden
Lovin me some fall leaves
Monkey and Alien Cat Haloween
Bensens BFF Jace

Me running across the finish line of my first Half Marathon in Moab UT

Austin on his kick ass Scooter that he rode to school everyday in utah!
Bensen and mommy on his 2nd birthday!
Bensen on his birthday with his new fish "pegasus" (it died a week later)

Cutest Tiger Ive ever seen.
Bensen being 2
Family Picture. The water was so blue!
La Beau's Drive in. Bear Lake ID Best Raspberry shakes in the state!

Bear Lake ID SO beautiful!
My handsome dude.

In Utah at the Dinosaur Park. Bensen love it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wow, ok so I know I am the most awesome blogger ever but calm down people get ready for comes another post. Now that we have a new addition to our family I am going to try to keep it updated. Alot has happened in the last year, and I know that no one will read it so Im not going to write it. :)

We are currently living in Cardston. Austin is still working for Jared Janisko doing stucco, he is also going to school at the college two days a week, taking some pre-reqs for Dental Hygiene in the fall. At Texas State Technical College. And I work at Dr Shawn Olsen's office on main street. Our lives are crazy, I feel like a single mom. But just a month more and then life can go back to normal.

Bensen is growing like crazy. He is 13 months now,( and no people it is not time for another one) and wow is he busy. My nick name for him is "home wrecker" because he just runs around destroying everything in his path! But we love him. Can't wait for him to start talking!!

Well that is as updated as it gets so here are a few pics over the last year!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy 20th Austin!!

32 Weeks and counting!

Thursday, July 3, 2008